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Latest News

LANL theorists use Encanto supercomputer to unravel ribosome mystery

NMCAC attended SC '10 in November.

NMSU: Gov. Richardson praises 20 NM supercomputer gateways as boon to economy, education

KRQE: State Owned Computer Predicts Oil Path


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ENCANTO is the tool that will help solve today's most daunting challenges.

In conjunction with the expertise and capabilities available throughout the State of New Mexico, Encanto will help bring more high technology business to the state. Easily the most accessible supercomputer of its size and capability, business can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging this unique computational resource.

NMCAC's Mission

To create clean and green well-paying jobs in New Mexico by driving the development of high-tech industries.

The NMCAC accomplishes its mission by coupling the State's remarkable depth and breadth of talented people, natural resources, culture, and highly favorable business environment with the power of world-class high-performance computing.

The NMCAC provides innovative and effective solutions to complex challenges by creating partnerships between businesses and organizations that include Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories, New Mexico's institutions of higher education, and New Mexico's forward-looking state government. This network draws on the full range of talent in the State while also driving progressive education, workforce and community development efforts that are critical to successfully growing high-tech businesses.

NMCAC Business Model

Our primary business model is to work with a business to develop new applications that are of importance to New Mexico. While we will assist companies in moving from the development stage to the production stage, our primary value is in our intellectual resources — the supercomputer is simply a tool that the R&D staff use in achieving our objectives of technology-based economic and workforce development.